1. Is it Time to Replace Your Toothbrush?

    In today’s post, we’re here to talk about your toothbrush. You’re using the best toothpaste, and always floss and use mouthwash when you brush. But how often do you think about replacing your toothbrush? Learn more about how often you should replace your toothbrush. Then, if you need a dental …Read More

  2. Common Dental Problems

    At Fort Collins Dental Arts, we know that tooth problems happen. But it’s also important to recognize the signs that you might have a dental problem that warrants a visit to your local dentist. Learn about some common dental problems — and ways to prevent them — in today’s blog. If you need …Read More

  3. 5 Foods to Avoid for Whiter Teeth

    Having a white smile isn’t something that just looks pretty, it’s also a sign that your teeth are strong and healthy. But there are certain foods you eat that can stain or discolor your teeth. Today, we have five common foods that you can avoid to help keep your teeth white. See if those foods a…Read More

  4. Flossing: Why It’s Important And How To Do It

    Tell the truth: how often are you actually flossing daily? Sometimes, but not daily? Never? If so, you’re actually in the majority. A 2016 study surveyed more than 9,000 American adults over the age of 30, and found some grim results for local dentists everywhere: 32.4 percent reported no flossing…Read More