1. Controlling Your Sweet Tooth This Halloween

    Whether you’re a child or an adult, Halloween brings a lot of options for Halloween candy. Any dentist will tell you that candy isn’t great for your teeth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge during October.  Instead, our family dentistry team at Fort Collins Dental Arts is here to help…Read More

  2. Ways to Make Flossing Fun for Your Children

    There are fun ways to encourage your children to brush their teeth, like using toothbrushes that sing or toothpaste that’s a fun color or taste. But how can you also make flossing fun for your children? Fort Collins Dental Arts is here to help you find some new ways to make flossing fun for your c…Read More

  3. 6 Tips For Making Kids More Comfortable At The Dentist

    You can just picture it: your panicking child in the dentist chair, screaming and yelling that they’re never coming back. It’s an uncomfortable situation for you, the dentist, and your child, and you think you may just be OK with never coming back. Dentistry for children is vital for current and…Read More