There are fun ways to encourage your children to brush their teeth, like using toothbrushes that sing or toothpaste that’s a fun color or taste. But how can you also make flossing fun for your children?

Fort Collins Dental Arts is here to help you find some new ways to make flossing fun for your children. Then, when you need family dentistry services, make sure you keep us mind!

Make Flossing Fun for Children

We’ve come up with some new ways you can encourage your children to floss their teeth and start developing habits to keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Floss Together

Children learn by example, and flossing is no different. Something as simple as flossing together with your children can make flossing fun. It’s a great way to show them how you floss and make it a fun experience that you can share every day.

Create a Flossing Game

Create a little bit of healthy competition around flossing. Whether you have your children compete against each other or against you, give them points for flossing their teeth. Keep score and see who can remember to floss the most. Change up the game to keep them motivated and engaged. If your family loves a little competition, you can even have them work towards different rewards for flossing.

Positive Reinforcement

When children are young, positive reinforcement is a great way to help them develop healthy habits, like routinely flossing their teeth. Every time they remember to floss their teeth without being reminded, or do a great job of flossing when they didn’t want to, give them some praise!

Turn on the Music

If they love listening to a song while they brush their teeth, turn on some music while they floss! Pick one of their favorite two- to three-minute songs and have them dance and wiggle while they floss carefully between every tooth. If you’re flossing together, create a fun playlist you can listen to each night while you brush and floss.

Pick Their Floss

If you are still having trouble getting your children to floss their teeth, have them pick out their own floss. They can choose their favorite color case or a fun or different floss flavor. Now that they have their own floss, emphasize that it’s their floss to use, so they need to use it each night. To mix it up even more, have them choose a couple of different flosses so they can pick a different one every night.

Make Family Dentistry a Priority

While there are certain ways you can ensure that your children are brushing and flossing their teeth, you still need to schedule routine teeth cleanings. At Fort Collins Dental Arts, family dentistry is our passion. We’re here to help both you and your entire family keep your teeth strong and healthy!

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