What makes someone a good candidate for dental veneers? There are different reasons someone might choose to get dental veneers. Not sure what they are? You can learn more about dental veneers in our previous blog post.

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Good Candidates for Dental Veneers

It’s important to feel confident with your smile. But if you have damaged, discolored, or uneven teeth, it can be hard to smile with confidence. While there are options for fixing your teeth, like braces or teeth whitening treatments, sometimes those options don’t work for everyone. That’s where dental veneers come in.

Dental veneers are thin covers that attach to the enamel on your teeth. Veneers are made to match the color of your teeth and improve the overall appearance of your teeth.

There are different signs that you might be a good candidate for dental veneers — or a different type of cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about the signs and meet with your dentist to get started.

Unhappy With Your Smile

When you’re unhappy with your smile, and other products or dental work has been unable to help, you might turn to cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers are a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of your smile, leaving you with a smile you’ll be proud to show off!

Cosmetic Issues

If you have a history of minor or repeated cosmetic issues, that might be a sign that dental veneers are a good solution for you and your teeth. For example, if you have chipped, crooked, cracked, or misaligned teeth dental veneers can fix the appearance of those cosmetic issues, leaving you with strong and beautiful teeth.

Enough Tooth Enamel

Veneers are placed over the existing enamel on your teeth. If you don’t have enough enamel left on the top of your teeth, you don’t have anything for the veneers to adhere to. Instead, you might have to discuss other cosmetic dentistry options to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Gap in Your Teeth

A gap in your teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile and teeth. While many celebrities and other people have embraced their teeth gap, if you don’t like yours, dental veneers might be a solution. They can be shaped around your teeth to remove the appearance of your gap and leave you with a bright smile.

Severe Stains

Are your teeth severely stained? Have you tried different whitening products, all to no avail? There are some stains on your teeth that just won’t respond to whitening products. But that doesn’t mean there is no way to get whiter teeth. In fact, you might be a good candidate for dental veneers to help cover those stains and leave you with new, white teeth.

Worn Down

If you grind or clench your teeth, then your teeth can start to wear down or flatten over time. Teeth grinding, called bruxism, can also cause further dental problems if left untreated. So if you have worn down or dull teeth, dental veneers can both improve the appearance of your teeth and also provide more stability and support for chewing.

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