You can just picture it: your panicking child in the dentist chair, screaming and yelling that they’re never coming back. It’s an uncomfortable situation for you, the dentist, and your child, and you think you may just be OK with never coming back.

Dentistry for children is vital for current and future oral health though, and you know you can’t just skip out on the dentist altogether. Instead, find a family dentistry near you and read our blog today for helping children become more comfortable with the dental office and dental care. Fort Collins Dental Arts is a Top Rated Local® dentist in Northern Colorado, and we’re your resource for teeth cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, and more for the whole family. Set up an appointment today!

1. Visit The Dentist Regularly

The best way to help your little one become more comfortable with your local dentist is simply by visiting the dentist! Seems pretty straightforward, right? Your child should have dental appointments at least twice each year. If you start young and have them visit biannually, your children are more likely to feel comfortable at the dentist office.

2. Make It A Family Affair

You have to go to the dentist twice a year, so why not make it a family dentistry and take the whole crew? This will make it easier on your schedule and make your child more comfortable at the same time. When their parent or sibling is in the room right next door, they’ll more easily recognize this isn’t out of the ordinary. Of course, make sure at least one parent is in the room with your child if they’re uncomfortable or just starting out.

3. Find A Kid-Friendly Dentist

As a parent, you know the power a little sticker can hold. Whether you find a family dentistry with stickers galore, video games, televisions, prize boxes, or more, you’re sure to have more luck with your child’s transition to dental care if there are enticements along the way.

4. Play “Dentist” At Home

Give it a go at home! You may not have all you need for a professional teeth cleaning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make believe and have some good clean fun at home. Pretend to be the dentist and clean your child’s teeth, and then switch roles so your child can see the dentist office isn’t a scary place.

5. Practice Good Dental Care At Home

The more often you encourage good dental care at home, the more comfortable your child will be once they’re at the family dentistry and are having their teeth cleaned. Make sure teeth are brushed at least twice daily and flossed at least once a day. Explain the importance of these processes and help your child to learn that the local dentist just wants to help.

6. Watch Your Language

You should definitely be vocal with your child about what to expect, but avoid using negative words. This is especially important if you have a fear of the dentist. If you use words like “hurt” or “painful,” then they’re more likely to be scared. Don’t mention any painful procedures — that’s not what your child is visiting for so there’s no need to worry them.

Looking for a family dentistry in Fort Collins? Our dental office is here for you. Fort Collins Dental Arts specializes in dental care for the whole family — from your child right up to your grandparents. Whether it’s a cavity filling, dental whitening, basic teeth cleaning, or more, we can help. Follow these tips to help your child feel more comfortable, and then schedule an appointment at our dentistry for children.