When you smile, you should feel confident and empowered. If you feel that discolored or damaged teeth are getting in the way of your confidence, then cosmetic dentistry could be a solution. At Fort Collins Dental Arts, we truly believe in the power of a smile — and we recognize how your oral health may affect how you feel about your smile.

If you are dissatisfied with the current state of your teeth, we can help with cosmetic dentistry. Read our blog today to learn the top three reasons patients choose to use our cosmetic dentistry services, and then visit our dental office in Fort Collins! We are a Top Rated Local® dentist in Northern Colorado and have helped many people before you to feel comfortable with their smile. We’d love to help you next, so schedule an appointment today if you think one of the services below could help.


Whether your teeth are discolored due to coffee, wine, soda, or other drinks or foods, a dental whitening is sure to help. Our teeth do a lot of work for our bodies over the years, and at times we can start to see the effect. Instead of never smiling with your teeth because you’re embarrassed, visit us for in-office teeth whitening. Our local dentist will provide a professional dental whitening that is safer and longer-lasting than over-the-counter options for whitening.

Say goodbye to discolored teeth and hello to more confidence when you get professional dental whitening from a dentist trained in cosmetic dentistry.

Another option for treating discolored teeth is getting a dental veneer. Whether you can’t get the whiteness you want with dental whitening or you’re uninterested in the traditional whitening procedure, dental veneers are a good alternative. Veneers are extremely thin covers that are attached to the enamel on the front of your teeth and can come in any standard of whiteness.

Missing Teeth

When you have more extensive oral health issues — like missing teeth —  a dental whitening isn’t going to suffice. Cosmetic dentistry has many different procedures to help with a variety of problems though. If you’re missing teeth, then dental implants could be your solution.

Whether you lost the tooth (or teeth) due to trauma or decay, dental implants will help. When you visit Fort Collins Dental Arts for teeth implants, we’ll replace the missing tooth with a permanent titanium-implanted tooth. Your dental implant will function exactly as a natural tooth would and improve your oral health at the same time. Getting a dental implant will prevent future tooth loss and jaw deterioration.

Cracked, Chipped, or Decayed Teeth

Popcorn, olives, frozen chocolate chips, crunchy bread, candy — it all sounds pretty tasty, right? That unpopped kernel, olive pit, or crunchy baguette, though, could all lead to a chipped tooth that isn’t quite as appealing.

At Fort Collins Dental Arts, we’ve seen it all when it comes to cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth. If you’ve been the victim of one of these assaults on your teeth, rely on us for dental care. We’ll provide you with dental crowns that will restore your chipped or cracked tooth and minimize pain in your decayed teeth. A dental crown will restore color, shape, and function to your teeth so that you can get back to feeling confident in your smile — and your ability to chew (though you may never be willing to eat the offensive food ever again).

When it comes to dental services, Fort Collins Dental Arts offers some of the best in Northern Colorado. Schedule an appointment today for cosmetic dentistry and get ready to show off your smile.