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Dr. Leavitt is your local CEREC® dentist for single-visit tooth restorations.

CEREC is a teeth restoration method that dentists can do chair side in a single visit. There are many benefits to the CEREC method, and they are all able to be done in one easy appointment. CEREC is safe, fast, and provides patients with natural looking results that will normally last for a lifetime.

What Restorations Can CEREC Be Used For?

CEREC may be best known for allowing dentists to do crown work from start to finish in just one visit, but the state-of-the-art dental restoration system can also be used for many different dental procedures such as:

  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Veneers
  • Fillings
  • Replacing old fillings

I’m Interested in CEREC in Fort Collins. Is It For Me?

Dr. Leavitt's office is proud to offer the CEREC procedure to his patients. One of the biggest benefits of choosing the CEREC method is because the materials used in this process are significantly healthier than those used in other restorative procedures. While more traditional restoration methods use amalgam, gold and other types of metals to restore the teeth, CEREC uses ceramic materials that are both durable and more compatible with your natural teeth. The all ceramic material is also more wear resistant than other materials.

The CEREC method also allows dentists to protect more of the natural tooth structure. Dentists can now save teeth that once would have had to have been pulled by using CEREC restoration methods such as inlays and onlays. This revolutionary bonding process only requires a small amount of the tooth to be intact for restoration, giving the patient a fully functioning tooth.

Have a chipped or cracked tooth? A tooth or two that are discolored? The CEREC process can also be used to create stunning veneers that are so natural looking, no one will ever know they aren’t looking at your natural teeth.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Considering CEREC? Fort Collins patients are lucky to have dentists who offer the procedure. Besides not having to spend time traveling out of state to have a CEREC procedure done, one of the biggest advantages of this method is that, no matter what procedure you need, they can be completely finished in one visit. So, patients spend less time traveling and attending appointments. With more traditional methods, procedures such as putting on crowns would require a minimum of two appointments. One appointment to prepare the tooth, take an impression and have a short term crown put on. A few weeks later, the patient would need to return to their dentist’s office to have the crown permanently cemented onto the tooth. None of that needs to be done with the CEREC method, so one appointment is all you need.

What Should I Expect From My Dentist During The CEREC Procedure?

The first thing your dentist will do is examine the affected tooth or teeth to determine if CEREC is the right method for you. Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate for the procedure, your teeth will be carefully prepared and an optical impression will be made of your teeth using a special 3-D camera. That image is then uploaded to the dentist’s computer, where the dentist will use a computer aided design (CAD) software to fashion the restoration. Once the restoration piece has been designed, it will be created out of a dental grade ceramic material using a special milling machine. Finally, the restoration piece will be fitted and bonded into place and polished to a natural shine.

This entire process should not take more than 1-2 hours, depending on how many teeth need the procedure done and the extent of the damage to the original teeth, of course.

Fort Collins Dental Arts is proud to offer CEREC to Fort Collins residents and those in surrounding areas. We are one of the premier dentists to offer CEREC in Colorado! Contact us today to schedule your CEREC consultation today!

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