Blue toothpaste squeezed out of the tube.

Finding Your Perfect Toothpaste

If you were to ask around, you’d be sure to find that everyone has their own favorite kind of toothpaste, even the dentists in Fort Collins. With the hundreds of choices on the market these days, it can feel like a daunting task to narrow down your ideal pick. Even among the big brands there are dozens of variations: regular, sensitive, tartar control, breath freshening, teeth whitening, gum disease preventing…all those labels can be intimidating! Not to mention the delectable array of flavors that range from the minty classics and the more daring orange or cinnamon, to the downright unusual jasmine, scotch whiskey, and even bacon flavored!

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Fake teeth with eyeballs.

5 Tips To Lessen Tooth Sensitivity

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from teeth sensitivity, you know that just about anything can be a serious pain in the…mouth. Ice cream, hot tea, a cold breeze, and even loud music can all make you want to cringe. Tooth sensitivity is a relatively common problem, and one that Fort Collins dentists are certainly familiar with. Whether you’re experiencing deep, chronic sensitivity (perhaps due to disease or neglect) or transient sensitivity (perhaps due to commercial teeth whitening strips), there are several steps you can take to lessen the pain.

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Strawberries in a bowl.

The Super Seven: Foods That Protect Your Teeth

We’ve already explored the “sneaky seven” foods that can wreak havoc on your teeth, so this time we are sharing the antidote — the “super seven” foods that can keep your mouth and teeth healthy and strong. Dentists in Fort Collins will agree that increasing your consumption of these protective things can go a long way in preventing disease, and make a great addition to your brushing and flossing routine. Choosing the right foods and drinks may have a bigger impact than you can imagine, with such perks as natural teeth whitening, fresher breath, and reducing your chances of needing tooth fillings.

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Candy apples.

The Sneaky Seven: Foods That Damage Your Teeth

You work hard to maintain your beautiful smile: you brush, you floss, and you’ve picked your favorite out of the dozens of Fort Collins dentists. But did you know that your diet could have a huge impact on the health of your teeth and gums? It goes far beyond your childhood dentist warning against too much candy — there are several foods that can put your oral health at risk, as well as several more that protect it (stay tuned for that list next time!).

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Travel bathroom accessories.

Maintaining Your Oral Health On The Go

We all know that the habits we have set in stone at home sometimes fly out the open window when we travel, whether you are a jet setter or a road-tripper. Healthy diets falter, exercise routines fizzle out, and personal hygiene may drop a notch or two. But even when your family dentist isn’t close by, there are ways to keep your oral health in tiptop shape — just follow these simple guidelines the next time you’re away from home.

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get directly down

The Importance of a Great Smile

If you look closely at most selfies, you’ll see that people rarely smile genuinely in those photos. Why is that? It seems like our society is focused mostly on serious looks or looks that don’t involve showing any teeth, but not showing your smile may actually work against you in a number of ways.

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Carl Wycoff

Ways to Stop Bruxism

If you grind your teeth (called bruxism), you aren’t alone. In fact, a lot of Americans grind their teeth regularly, since moving the lower jaw is a natural habit. But, some people grind their teeth in a way that it impacts the structure of the jaw, wears down teeth, causes extreme sensitivity, and can also cause intense jaw pain.

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Roberto Verzo

Things That Cause Bad Breath

Consistent bad breath doesn’t just happen overnight. There are many reasons why bad breath occurs, and some of those reasons are directly related to dental health. Bad breath (called Halitosis) is caused by the build-up of bacteria inside of the mouth. When that bacteria is allowed to fester for a long time, bad breath happens. In addition, some foods may also cause halitosis – here’s a complete list of things that can contribute to chronic bad breath.

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Len Radin

Tips for Keeping Teeth Healthy This Halloween

You probably know that eating too much sugar is bad for your teeth, but what do you do when it’s Halloween? It’s hard to avoid eating all that candy, and even if you aren’t eating the candy that your kids collect, it’s still hard to avoid eating some of those Halloween-themed treats. As your Fort Collins dentists, we want to make sure that you get the best of both worlds this Halloween, so you can eat some candy and still keep your teeth in top shape.

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Alessandra Celauro

A Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore Confidence

Most people visit a dentist in Fort Collins for a routine checkup or when something has gone wrong. Few people, though, visit a cosmetic dentist to fix a smile. But a cosmetic dentist can do so much more than simply whiten teeth – and your insurance company may even cover some of the procedures that a cosmetic dentist can do.

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