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The Importance of a Great Smile

If you look closely at most selfies, you’ll see that people rarely smile genuinely in those photos. Why is that? It seems like our society is focused mostly on serious looks or looks that don’t involve showing any teeth, but not showing your smile may actually work against you in a number of ways.

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Ways to Stop Bruxism

If you grind your teeth (called bruxism), you aren’t alone. In fact, a lot of Americans grind their teeth regularly, since moving the lower jaw is a natural habit. But, some people grind their teeth in a way that it impacts the structure of the jaw, wears down teeth, causes extreme sensitivity, and can also cause intense jaw pain.

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Things That Cause Bad Breath

Consistent bad breath doesn’t just happen overnight. There are many reasons why bad breath occurs, and some of those reasons are directly related to dental health. Bad breath (called Halitosis) is caused by the build-up of bacteria inside of the mouth. When that bacteria is allowed to fester for a long time, bad breath happens. In addition, some foods may also cause halitosis – here’s a complete list of things that can contribute to chronic bad breath.

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Tips for Keeping Teeth Healthy This Halloween

You probably know that eating too much sugar is bad for your teeth, but what do you do when it’s Halloween? It’s hard to avoid eating all that candy, and even if you aren’t eating the candy that your kids collect, it’s still hard to avoid eating some of those Halloween-themed treats. As your Fort Collins dentists, we want to make sure that you get the best of both worlds this Halloween, so you can eat some candy and still keep your teeth in top shape.

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Alessandra Celauro

A Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore Confidence

Most people visit a dentist in Fort Collins for a routine checkup or when something has gone wrong. Few people, though, visit a cosmetic dentist to fix a smile. But a cosmetic dentist can do so much more than simply whiten teeth – and your insurance company may even cover some of the procedures that a cosmetic dentist can do.

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Commonly Asked Whitening Questions

Part of being a cosmetic dentist includes answering questions about whitening, since whitening procedures are the most commonly sought after when it comes to the services a cosmetic dentists offers. Since we know that you probably have a lot of questions about whitening, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions to make choosing whitening easier on you.

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5 Truths about Kids and Their Dental Health

New parents are always bombarded with advice from more ‘seasoned’ parents about what is the right and wrong way to take care of a child. But, no one really talks about the importance of taking care of a baby’s teeth. As a matter-of-fact, many parents think that it is not necessary to even start taking their children to see the dentist until all of their teeth have come in. That thought could not be further from the truth. Here are five answers to common questions about kids and their dental health, and why it is so important to start a regular checkup routine with your local kid’s dentist at a very early age for optimal oral health.

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Laser Dentistry: 5 Ways it Makes Dental Visits Easier

Do you fear your Fort Collins dentist? Always dread the poking and prodding, or worse, the drilling and cutting? It is pretty safe to say that nobody likes having dental work done. However, with the new soft laser treatments that are now being offered, patients can now get several treatments with less pain, blood and healing times. These new laser treatments are perfect for dental patients who may suffer from dental anxiety, or anyone really. After all, no one goes to the dentist happily anticipating invasive surgeries and procedures.

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Treatment Options for Gum Disease

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Gum disease is actually more common than some may think. Why? Because, unfortunately, everyone is predisposed to the disease. How we take care of our teeth and gums can make all the difference in whether or not we get gum disease at any point in our lives. The fact is

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What Causes Halitosis and Is It Curable?

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, has happened to nearly every person on Earth every now and then. Whether it is because you just woke up or you ate way too much garlic bread at your favorite Italian restaurant, bad breath is actually a quite common problem.

For most people, the occasional bout of bad breath, while embarrassing, is not anything to worry about. However, halitosis can signify something more than just the after effects of a few onion rings. If you or someone you know have noticed that your breath is less than fresh more often than not, it may be time to visit your local dentist in Fort Collins. Here is what you should know about halitosis and how you can cure your bad breath fast.

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