The Top 5 Reasons that Americans Have Nice Straight White Teeth

If you’ve ever traveled outside of the United States, it’s possible you’ve noticed that you always seem to have the whitest, brightest, and straightest smile out there. You probably also notice that you also have all of your teeth and others have many that have gone missing. If you haven’t traveled, or if you read more

The Wise Teeth of a 97 Year Old

Want good teeth? What’s the secret? Well, whenever I think about good teeth, I think about my grandmother who has all but one of her original teeth. That’s right, she’s 97 and has all but one of her teeth. What happened to that unlucky one? It was chipped in two after her Buick LeSabre’s door violently opened too quickly when she was 94 on a road trip from Minneapolis to Fort read more

Pain in the Teeth and Mouth

Pain can arise in your mouth from any number of sources: teeth, the roots of teeth, gums, tongue, the palate, and jaw. Sometimes, pain in another area of the head or neck can manifest itself as pain in the mouth. Knowing the type of pain you’re suffering from can often help you identify its source, which leads more easily to a read more