The difference between braces and wireless braces.

The Top 5 Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Springtime is officially here and it’s the time of year when many people are looking to freshen up their look. Whether it be weight loss, new clothes, or a whiter smile, people start investing in themselves more when the weather turns warm. Luckily your Fort Collins dentist knows all about how to make improving your smile part of your spring self-care regimen!

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A person holding floss.

Choosing The Flossing Technique That’s Right For You

Many people have their daily teeth brushing habit down pat, but there are still plenty of them who don’t floss on a regular basis. No matter what their dentists in Fort Collins say, they find it hard to commit to a flossing routine for a variety of reasons: they find it uncomfortable, inconvenient, costly, or they think it’s simply not necessary. Even the looming risk of having to get implants for teeth because of rampant decay isn’t enough for some people to thread that silky floss between their chompers every day.

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Toothpaste on a toothbrush.

3 Ways To Make Tooth-Brushing Fun

Let’s face it–taking care of your health isn’t always exciting. Eating your broccoli, getting regular checkups, and going to bed early aren’t the average person’s definition of fun. And no matter what Fort Collins dentists say, you just can’t find the enjoyment in your oral care routine–brushing, flossing, and rinsing have become boring and rote aspects of your mandatory daily schedule. We all know what happens when something becomes boring- we start making excuses not to do it, and start justifying when we do a half-hearted job.

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An X-ray of some teeth and someone pointing at a tooth X-ray.

Don’t Fall For These Root Canal Myths

The root canal: the mythical and often feared creature that has gotten such a bad rap that even the name itself has become synonymous with extreme pain or distress. It may be easy to believe all the negative hype about root canals, but if you were to ask your family dentist they would tell you it’s nothing but a safe and routine procedure. Most of our fears surrounding medical exams and operations come from ill-informed online sources and from distant personal anecdotes. It’s hard not to let your friend’s isolated bad experience affect your state of mind when undergoing something like a root canal in Fort Collins.

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A dentist sign missing the D.

5 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Dentist

The people and places that you visit for your health care can leave a lasting impression–there is a type of intimacy that only exists between a person and their doctor, thus making it especially important to choose these professionals with great care. It may be overwhelming to look at the dozens of Fort Collins dentists, physicians, and therapists; how can you be sure you’re making the right selection? This is a person, along with their staff, that will get to know you over a course of years to provide care and guide you to a healthier state of being. So picking a dentist should not be a decision made on a whim!

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White smile.

3 Steps To Whiter Teeth

While the magazine models of the world have Photoshop to make their teeth dazzle, most of the world has to rely on real-life methods to achieve those bright pearly whites. Dentists in Fort Collins have been offering whitening procedures for years, but that’s only one step in the ladder of maintaining the perfect smile. There are things you can do at home and in your everyday life to reduce stains and polish your enamel. And while they won’t make you a cover model, they may help you feel just a bit more confident!

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Kids smiling and showing his teeth.

Your Kids Can Learn To Love The Dentist

Many parents aren’t necessarily jumping for joy on their children’s dental visit days, and understandably so. Typically those times involve a good amount of crying and temper tantrums, which no parent likes to deal with. But putting off that important annual Fort Collins dentist visit isn’t an option either. So what’s a mom or dad to do? After all, coercion and bribery can only get you so far — it’s about finding the right dentist and creating that positive and fun association with your kid’s checkups!

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A lot of candy.

3 Ways That Sugar Attacks Your Teeth

It feels like sugary foods are everywhere these days — from the obvious cookies and candies to the covert breads, sauces, and cereals. And while this uptick in unhealthy fare may translate to more business for your dentist in Fort Collins, it’s not great news for the health of our communities. Most of us are aware of the side effects of too much sugar on our waistlines and even our mood, but perhaps think little about what it’s doing to our mouths. Beyond the childhood association with our dentist saying that sugar rots our teeth, many of us don’t know how exactly that happens.

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A dentist looking into a patient's mouth.

5 Reasons To Choose CEREC

Technology is an amazing thing, especially when it makes our lives safer and easier, and the CEREC procedure is no exception. This amazing new process makes tooth restoration a cinch, and is now offered by some dentists in Fort Collins as another way to give their patients a beautiful, healthy smile! Also known by the long named version, “ceramic reconstruction”, this procedure combines the best of your dentist’s skills and those of computer-aided design or CAD. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge software and specialized equipment, your local dentist can now restore your mouth to mint condition without the hassles of multiple visits, long waits, and other inconveniences.

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A person unwrapping a piece of gum for their later consumption.

5 Benefits Of Chewing Gum

You peel the foil wrapping off and wad it into a satisfyingly tight ball. You fold the blue stick into your mouth and feel the minty fresh flavor saturate your taste buds. Your teeth press and roll until that stick becomes a wad of the most elastic, herbaceous, and delicious kind. Your brain is stimulated and comforted all at once, and maybe not even aware of the fact that your teeth and gums are getting healthier at this very moment.

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