Dental Health For Diabetics

Dental Health For Diabetics

Most people who have impaired blood sugar control, pre-diabetes, or diabetes understand the risks to their eyes, nerves, and heart. But many do not know about the link between their illness and periodontal disease, and that it puts them at a higher risk for dental and other oral complications. Diabetics run the risk of major tissue changes to their gums, teeth nerves, and the bones that hold their teeth in place, mainly due to the fluctuations in blood sugar and the associated physiological effects. Fort Collins dentists are starting to see more and more patients presenting with poor oral health that is due to diabetes, and that number is only poised to increase.

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Jeopardizing Your Oral Health

5 Medications That May Be Jeopardizing Your Oral Health

When we think of tooth decay, there are only a few things that pop into our minds: sugar, brushing, and flossing, and regular visits to your dentist in Fort Collins. Most people don’t consider the little things day to day that may be having a negative effect on their oral health like too much citrus fruit, air pollution, or their regular medications. You may wonder how on earth something like a tiny pill or inhaler can damage your teeth, and you wouldn’t be alone- the ways in which different pharmaceuticals alter your dental state are varied and complex.

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Protect Your Childs Teeth

5 Tips To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Being a new parent is hard work: the sleepless nights, the constant mess, and the seemingly millions of things you need to remember are enough to exhaust even the toughest among us. Every parent wants the best for their child, especially when it comes to their health, and that means including comprehensive and preventative dental care starting in infancy. Dentists in Fort Collins are happy when they see parents taking the initiative to care for their youngsters’ teeth and gums from an early age.  It sets them up for health and success in the long run.

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Annual Cleaning

5 Reasons Why Your Annual Cleaning Is Important

Regardless of the Fort Collins dentist you use, chances are that you are encouraged to come back every 6-12 months for a checkup and professional cleaning. Sadly, many otherwise healthy young people feel that their dental visits aren’t that important and tend to delay them until they feel discomfort or suffer an accident. Then there are the people who only see a specialized cosmetic dentist in Fort Collins for procedures like CEREC, teeth whitening, and veneers, while neglecting their cleanings. You may be one of these people, and that’s okay! Even the best dentist can have a hard time convincing their patients of the power and importance of their annual or bi-annual checkup and thorough scrubbing.

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Stain-Causing-Foods, Image by TRF_Mr_Hyde -

Beware Of These Stain-Causing Foods!

We all like to look our best, whether that is in the boardroom, on a date or out with our friends. Putting effort into making sure your hair is styled.  Your clothes are clean and coordinated and touching up your eyeliner are only a few of the dozens of steps it takes to present your best self to the world. Most Fort Collins dentists would agree that your smile is one of the most important and magnetic things about you, and it deserves to be well maintained. But for most people, having a dazzling smile requires more than simply brushing and flossing every day- it requires regular dental check-ups and cleanings, seasonal professional whitening procedures, and sometimes even dietary changes.

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Donkey with bad teeth

5 Ways To Banish Bad Breath

We’ve all been there: your friend or coworker leans in towards you to whisper some tidbit of local gossip and suddenly you’re hit with a wall of stink. You try not to react or let them know you’ve noticed, and keep on with the conversation, bravely enduring the wrath of their halitosis. Bad breath is a very common issue, and one that many of us have simply come to accept as a normal part of life. But your favorite dentist in Fort Collins can set the record straight: halitosis is neither normal or healthy- in fact, it can be an indicator of the state of our overall health and point to perhaps a few improvements we can make.

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The difference between braces and wireless braces.

The Top 5 Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Springtime is officially here and it’s the time of year when many people are looking to freshen up their look. Whether it be weight loss, new clothes, or a whiter smile, people start investing in themselves more when the weather turns warm. Luckily your Fort Collins dentist knows all about how to make improving your smile part of your spring self-care regimen!

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A person holding floss.

Choosing The Flossing Technique That’s Right For You

Many people have their daily teeth brushing habit down pat, but there are still plenty of them who don’t floss on a regular basis. No matter what their dentists in Fort Collins say, they find it hard to commit to a flossing routine for a variety of reasons: they find it uncomfortable, inconvenient, costly, or they think it’s simply not necessary. Even the looming risk of having to get implants for teeth because of rampant decay isn’t enough for some people to thread that silky floss between their chompers every day.

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Toothpaste on a toothbrush.

3 Ways To Make Tooth-Brushing Fun

Let’s face it–taking care of your health isn’t always exciting. Eating your broccoli, getting regular checkups, and going to bed early aren’t the average person’s definition of fun. And no matter what Fort Collins dentists say, you just can’t find the enjoyment in your oral care routine–brushing, flossing, and rinsing have become boring and rote aspects of your mandatory daily schedule. We all know what happens when something becomes boring- we start making excuses not to do it, and start justifying when we do a half-hearted job.

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An X-ray of some teeth and someone pointing at a tooth X-ray.

Don’t Fall For These Root Canal Myths

The root canal: the mythical and often feared creature that has gotten such a bad rap that even the name itself has become synonymous with extreme pain or distress. It may be easy to believe all the negative hype about root canals, but if you were to ask your family dentist they would tell you it’s nothing but a safe and routine procedure. Most of our fears surrounding medical exams and operations come from ill-informed online sources and from distant personal anecdotes. It’s hard not to let your friend’s isolated bad experience affect your state of mind when undergoing something like a root canal in Fort Collins.

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